Quad biking in the Ardennes

Challenge yourself and our 90 – 300cc mean machines on a special offroad course.

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  • Quad 4wd trial + off the road 8 km.

    109.50 per person

    At first, we will familiarize you with 4wd-techniques with our smaller 90 cc quads, within the save boundaries of our terrain. Then, in smaller groups, you will go on a 8-km. off-road tour in the surrounding fields and forests.

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  • Quad biking trial 90cc

    54.50 per person

    On a closed terrain, you will learn the basics of 4wd with our 90 cc quadbikes. You will ride in smaller groups with short breaks in between, as you might find out it is quite an exhausting activity. In total you ride approximately 32 minutes.

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