Our instructors

each and every one of them enthusiastic outdoor athletes and hosts or hostesses...

Our instructors

Our instructors have two things in common; they all love the outdoors and are thrilled to share it with you. In addition, they are all seasoned hosts and hostesses and will ensure that you lack nothing.

In most cases, our instructors have completed training at, for example, ALO, CIOS or a comparable sports training. Others have acquired their knowledge through all kinds of sports organizations such as the Dutch Climbing and Mountaineering Association (NKBV).

In addition, everyone is obliged to follow our annual, internal training program.

Ton van Grondelle

Owner of VenturiX Outdoor, responsible for sales and organization. Host, cook, mountain biker, climber (in this order) and get completely happy when the temperatures drop below zero and you can (telemark) ski off the beaten track.

Active in events since 1992, from very large to pleasantly small, and in 2008 exchanged his pinstripe with tie for a pair of mountain boots.

Roswitha Wintermans 

Roos has been associated with us for many years now and, as Operational Coordinator, holds sway over the VenturiX Outdoor team! Our spider in the web and all-rounder ensures that your complete outdoor adventure runs smoothly with us. catering, activities, accommodation; everything is even determined and important for a successful experience.

As a very gifted football player, she is the absolute terror of many a goalkeeper on weekends, but luckily for you and us she is at least as driven in the cave, against the rock wall and on the mountain bike. Can’t, doesn’t exist.


Vera van der Meijden

If the wind suddenly starts to blow very hard in the Ardennes, you don’t have to worry; that’s our own whirlwind Vera. The three things she loves most in life are playing outside, playing outside and playing outside. Of course she will gladly take you there.

Just graduated from the Fontys Sports College, where she specialized in Adventure Education, she came across our (forest) path and does not want to leave for the time being. Everyone happy!


Lisanne Coolen

Our rock and peace in the surf, is in her last year of study at the Fontys Sporthogeschool in Eindhoven and is currently graduating with us in the Ardennes. Is available 24/7 to experience the adventure together!

Her so characteristic peace is completely lost at home when she locks herself in her studio with drum kit and bass guitar. Our Ardennes forest animals won’t regret that those tools don’t fit in her backpack.

And believe it or not; she has also been asked for the national women’s team of Azerbaijan!! All-rounder, so…

Wouter Pastoor

Another football player who has found the true (forest) path. Cheerful type, specialist in pizza baking on a wood fire, fanatical cyclist, mountain and gravel biker. Just make sure you keep up with him! Limburg hospitality is in its DNA.

This outdoor romantic pur sang makes many a heart (well, at least one) in the enchanting Ardennes beat a lot faster (and that wasn’t because of cycling uphill).


Kaya van Grondelle

Psychologist in the making, and world traveler with a listening ear and a warm heart. Was able to crawl at 8 months, walk soon after and transitioned to via ferrata and rock climbing almost immediately. A well-deserved shooter with a rifle and (cross) bow, and nowadays also active on the mountain bike. Likes to sleep in our bivouac forest, but hopes that you will scare away the spiders.

Was Down Under for a very long time, but has come back just for you!

Wietze Venderink

He once studied sports management at Fontys University of Applied Sciences and as such did an internship at VenturiX Outdoor. Is now participating with the big boys, and that can make us and you very happy. Climbs, cycles, shoots, walks…, all just as easy and also happy to teach you.

Looks like he likes to sit in the snow and is also a gifted Alpineur (we’ll look it up later).

Chaneequa Kocken

Exotic name, but still completely Dutch Polder. Here she learned to kayak at an early age, but that flat water quickly got boring. Now preferably in the middle of a strong acceleration. Connoisseur of the Slovenian mountains, physical education teacher, physiotherapy student and apparently also jumps out of an airplane from time to time.

Rico Jacobs

Knows better than anyone else as a PE teacher and personal trainer how to get humanity moving. And if you have a little fear of heights, Rico will talk you through it. Climbs, cycles and always the cheerful note.


Bram Krumm

No, this isn’t a joke. This is Bram; or rather when he was still little Bram, and in 2011 he and his dad came to us for an exciting father-son weekend. Little Bram knew one thing for sure when he returned home muddy and tired; he also had to become an outdoor instructor. And he is now, with us again, and with all his Limburg heart and soul. Little Bram has become a very big Bram.

Now presses 150 kg as a personal trainer. In the photo, he just didn’t weigh that at the time. Oh yes, Grote Bram is now studying to become a physical education teacher.

Mathias Michielsen

Represents our Flemish squadron in a very cheerful way. Enthusiastic biologist and passionate packrafter, bushcrafter and all-round outdoor type in summer and winter. During trips on land and on water, please point out animal tracks, edible plants and mushrooms.

Never too bad to spend an extra round with you.

Brecht de Meulenaar

Brecht is an ornithologist (look it up yourself, or shall I say so?) and glacier guide and travels all over the world in that capacity. Check out @japatta on instagram, and be amazed…..

Every now and then this Belgian is still in Belgium and he knows how to find his way there (here?). Likes and good at rock and ice climbing, passionate telemark skier and enjoys cycling through Europe in his spare time.


No large groups, no long waiting lines, only authentic outdoor activities under expert guidance in the open nature, with respect of everybody's individual capacities and the natural surroundings.