Go rock climbing or join us on our famous rope courses and via ferratas. and once you made it to the top, try one of our abseils from 23- 25 meters high!  A lot of fun and excitment guaranteed for everyone.

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  • Caving

    38.95 per person

    All dressed up in rugged overalls and wearing helmets with headlights we take you on an exciting underground tour.

    Be aware; this is no walk in the park, or just a simple tour in a touristic cave. From time to time you will need some suppleness to go through narrow passages.

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  • Rock climbing and abseiling

    35.00 per person

    Have you ever wanted to learn how to rockclimb on real rocks ? Or do you want to refresh old memories and skills? We have our own old quarry, not far from Liege, with rocks up to 25 meters high and a wide variety of climbing routes, both for beginners and the more experienced.

    This is also a nice follow-up if you have some experience with indoor climbing.

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  • Rope course and via ferrata challenge

    30.95 per person

    During halve a day you will go on an exciting journey in our own forest and you will conquer  different high ropes, via ferratas and our zipline.

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