The Netherlands

Meetings, outdoor teambuilding and family sports days in the Netherlands

The Netherlands

Outdoor activities, meetings and company training programs in the Netherlands.

Also in The Netherlands, we like to take care of your meetings, outdoor and offsite activities and your company training programs.
Together with you we will find a fitting venue that we hire exclusively for you, in a beautifull and natural setting.

Micro adventures

A micro adventure is a special shortbreak for 12 – 24 hours. There are true adventures to be found, within one hour of your office or company adress, that you just do not know of. At the end of a normal weekday, we will pick you up and send you off by foot, by bike or by canoe. The very next morning you will be back, and all that you will experience in the mean time, we will decide together with you. At least you will pass the night in an other then normal or expected way in a special place with a special teambuilding activity.

For instance, we have a nice micro adventure ready in the Biesbosch, a Wetlands Special Reserve between Breda and Rotterdam. You will paddle to a remote campsite while navigating with a handheld GPS system and/or a compass and there you will build together a comfy but basic bivouac for the night and you’ll prepare a nice multi-course dinner over an open fire.

We can organise Micro Adventures like this everywhere in the Netherlands, tailormade for you.

Meetings and company training programs

On many places in The Netherlands, we know exclusive venues, that we gladly turn into your own private hotel, so you can have your meetings or company training programs in all peace and quiet. No need to worry about catering, activities, meeting facilities, and any workshop or teambuilding you may require. We will get it done.

Family sport days
We will get your coworkers and their families up and running with our tailormade sports programs in your own neighbourhoud. There are many possibilities, such as Expedition Robinson, Conguer the Castle or our own Holland Lowland Games.

Interested ? Please call one of our specialists at +31162-438000 or send us an email.


No large groups, no long waiting lines, only authentic outdoor activities under expert guidance in the open nature, with respect of everybody's individual capacities and the natural surroundings.