Shooting sports

For all wannabee snipers and Robin Hoods among you…

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  • Archery Tag

    29.50 per person

    This is so much fun! Just like paintball, but then in the old-fashioned way with bow-and-arrow. The arrows -of course- have soft rubber tips so they hurt even a lot less then paintball bullets.

    We play different games in a natural setting of our old quarry.

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  • Clay pigeon shooting

    74.50 per person

    In the distinguished surroundings of an ancient chateau our instructors will teach you the basics of shooting at clay pigeons in different settings. It is your task to proof yourself an accomplished marksman with 50 rounds and pigeons.

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  • Shooting triathlon

    27.95 per person

    In various settings we learn you the different techniques of archery, air rifle shooting and blow darting.

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