Company outings
Whether you need an off-site or a company outing for a group of 100 or for ‘only’10 people, we have ideas of all sorts for a tailormade package to suit all your needs. In the Belgian Ardennes, not far from Liège we dispose of our own, large forested terrains with 3 old quarries. If you want to go elsewhere, for instance to the Netherlands, Slovenia, France or Norway, we know our way around to.
Your wishes and our outdoor activities are the starting point for a company outing that gets you all up and running. Sometimes literally and sometimes so to speak.
Outdoor sports and leisure activities, creative and culinary workshops, just for one day, or for a weekend, together with great lodging and fine food, are all combined in one package to suit all your needs.

We also like to be of service when you need a private venue for a meeting, from 10 – 150 people, in Belgium or elsewhere. You just do what you have to do, and we do everything else, like catering, break-outs, teambuilding and workshops.

Company training
With our outdoor training methods and programs, we can reinforce your own company training or teamcoaching activities. Bring your own trainer/coach, or we can introduce you to some of our partners with whom we have worked for many years and with whom we developed combined programs, based on experience learning and adventure training.
We welcome you in Belgium, the Netherlands, or elsewhere in Europe like France, Slovenia or Norway.

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