Company outings
Whether you need an off-site or a company outing for a group of 100 or for ‘only’10 people, we have ideas of all sorts for a tailormade package to suit all your needs. In the Belgian Ardennes, not far from Liège we dispose of our own, large forested terrains with 3 old quarries. If you want to go elsewhere, for instance to the Netherlands, Slovenia, France or Norway, we know our way around to.
Your wishes and our outdoor activities are the starting point for a company outing that gets you all up and running. Sometimes literally and sometimes so to speak.
Outdoor sports and leisure activities, creative and culinary workshops, just for one day, or for a weekend, together with great lodging and fine food, are all combined in one package to suit all your needs.

We also like to be of service when you need a private venue for a meeting, from 10 – 150 people, in Belgium or elsewhere. You just do what you have to do, and we do everything else, like catering, break-outs, teambuilding and workshops.

Company training
With our outdoor training methods and programs, we can reinforce your own company training or teamcoaching activities. Bring your own trainer/coach, or we can introduce you to some of our partners with whom we have worked for many years and with whom we developed combined programs, based on experience learning and adventure training.
We welcome you in Belgium, the Netherlands, or elsewhere in Europe like France, Slovenia or Norway.

  • Staff outings

    A staff outing, based on (outdoor) sports is a great way to thank your employees for their efforts in the bygone period, and a good motivational tool for times to come. Especially when combined with a stay in a nice holiday home or hotel, good catering and a festive night or party. At the same time, it might encourage them to practice more sports and get or stay in shape. Many of our company outings take place in the Belgian Ardennes, where we practice all sorts of sports and leisure activities like climbing, hiking, mountainbiking, rope courses, kayakking, archery and a variety of teambuilding games. On the following pages you will find a selection of our possibilities. For a larger overview you can check HIER, or you can contact one of our outdoor specialists by telephone at 0031(0)162438000.

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  • Private venues for your meetings

    We do not believe in dull, grey meetingrooms, but prefer to offer you an inspiring meeting or seminar in your own private chateau or villa. Here, you can concentrate on your own program, and we will fill in the rest, like catering or anything else you may require. Complementary to your own agenda, we could add all sorts of teambuildings, workshops or activities.

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  • Company training

    Outdoor training is probably the most effective, and for sure the nicest way to shape your company training programs. We take you to a natural and green environment, like forests, mountains, water, or these 3 combined. We could take you on a trail for several days, or we support your own trainer with our teambuilding and training programs p> We work with and for several renowned training and coaching agencies and if needed we can introduce you them. You can bring your own trainer, or if you are a trainer with a client and in need of an outdoor program, we gladly would like to be of service

    Themes of these programs could be:

    • Personal or authentic leadership
    • Teambuilding
    • Communication
    • Trust

    These programs in fact are always tailornmade, but below you’ll find some of our suggestions.

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  • Catering in the Belgian Ardennes

    Catering during your stay in the Belgian Ardennes We gladly would like to take care of your catering, when you stay in Belgium. This way, you do not have to worry about anything, and you can leave it all to us.

    For every occasion The great outdoors makes you work up an appetite, so you need to eat well. Try one of our barbecues, or would you rather have a 4 -5 course deluxe menu, served in style by us?. Furthermore we can deliver breakfast in your holiday home or serve you lunch between activities.

    But it does not end here. Being a sports events agency, with our roots in more traditional hospitality, we know our way around the kitchen with all sorts of different multi-cultural buffets, stylish dinners and culinary workshops. Have you ever wanted to learn how to prepare a nice outdoor meal over an open fire, or do you like to cook a multi-course dinner, with your colleagues with help of our chefs by means of a teambuilding?

    Our vast menu Below you will find a short overview of our menu. For any specific occasion, big or small, business or private, we would be happy to send you a tailormade offer. Do not hesitate to contact us by telephone, or you can send us an email.p>

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  • lodging

    Below you can choose your favorite way to spend the night, while staying with us for your outdoor sports trip. We have authentic holiday homes, hospitable hotels, for families as well as for business, great campsite and for those who like a challenge, a bivouac under the stars.

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  • Wintersport group travel

    Wintersport group travel, short ski, teambuilding and winter incentives VenturiX Outdoor has tailormade packages for wintersport group travel for companies, schools and associations for 3-7 days for incentives, teambuilding or company training off the beaten track. We know our way around in Scandinavia, Slovenia, but also in those places in France that are not spoiled by mass tourism. And although snow in Belgium is rare, nowadays, if you are lucky, we’ll know just how to turn your stay in winter into a very special experience. We believe that winter is fun for everyone, even if you have never skied before. We can teach you, off course, but we are great fans as well of snowshoeing, crosscountry skiing, dogsledding, skitouring etc. Short ski en snow safaris for 2, 3 of 4 days in (e.g.) Norway of Slovenia We like people, but we do not like crowds, especially when we are out in nature. This goes also in winter, where we like to choose our destinations carefully to maximize your experience. Walking or skiing in untouched snow is pure magic and the word silence will get an entire other meaning once you have been out there, in the middle of nowhere in winter. Also these packages are all tailormade. You will stay in authentic mountain lodges, sometimes basic, sometimes quite comfy. We enjoy local food, served in a hospitable ambiance that you will not easily forget. Wintersport in Belgium Close to home, winter can be special to, if the gods of winter are with us. Our group activities with our huskies are renowned, and in the National Reserve Hautes Fagnes crosscountry skiing and snowshoeing is fun and a great introduction to this wonderfull wintersports.

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