An exciting tour underground


36.95 per person

All dressed up in rugged overalls and wearing helmets with headlights we take you on an exciting underground tour.

Be aware; this is no walk in the park, or just a simple tour in a touristic cave. From time to time you will need some suppleness to go through narrow passages.

Amount of people:


Join us on a very adventurous tour underground while we explore narrow corridors and big arcades which are formed during millions of years of erosion. Sometimes you can walk upright, but just as well you will find yourself on all fours. Quite an experience!

It goes without saying that you will be accompanied by one of our guides who knows the cave like the back of his hand.

You’ ll better bring some old shoes or rubber boots, as they will get quite muddy. In the same time, you’ ll need some grip on your soles as well, so do not bring the most worn pair you have. Minimum of 8 people per group, and minimum age is 12.
We use the Steinlein cave in Comblain au Pont. Because a large and special population of bats hibernates there, this cave is closed from mid-October to mid-April, so we are not allowed in to not disturb the peace.


No large groups, no long waiting lines, only authentic outdoor activities under expert guidance in the open nature, with respect of everybody's individual capacities and the natural surroundings.