Cook your own pizzas over an open fire

An all you can eat, do it yourself, adventure cooking pizza challenge.....

Cook your own pizzas over an open fire

19.95 per person

Cook your own pizzas in our authentic, cast iron Dutch Ovens. Can you think of a better way to end a day in the great outdoors?

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You do not find these outdoor pizzas anywhere else..

After a day of outdoor activities you really need a good meal, and preferably while sitting around a campfire. With our All You Can Eat, Do It yourself Outdoor Cooking Pizza Challenge you wil have it all.

With a wide variety of toppings, you can prepare your favorite pizza; vegetables, smoked  ham, salami, thuna, olives and different types of cheese. Just take what you want and bake them in our cast iron Dutch Ovens.

Still hungry ? go for seconds !

Dutch Ovens

Dutch Ovens are claasic, cast iron pots that Dutch colonists used centuries ago during their travels in the American (wild) west. You can use them for cooking, frying, or to make a stew. I addition to a fire underneath, you can put charcoals on top to create a real oven that easily bakes a good bread, cakes and of course a delicious pizza.

Where ever you want

You can have this workshop in our old quarries, after a fine day of outdoor sports, but just as easy we bring it where you want it. Just as long aopen fires are no problem.


No large groups, no long waiting lines, only authentic outdoor activities under expert guidance in the open nature, with respect of everybody's individual capacities and the natural surroundings.