Outdoor management training ‘Get Out Together’

Working together to improve communication skills, trust and personal leadership

Outdoor management training ‘Get Out Together’

per person

During our exclusive management training program ‘Get Out Together’ teams do not compete each other, but work together towards one common goal; to create a stay in our woods, as comfortable as possible.


Price upon request.


Outdoor training as a metaphor

This management training program is one big metaphor for your daily business operations and interactions.

Competences , such as communication, working together, strategic planning, improvising and to delegate, may be not so obvious when the comfort of your office or workplace are traded in for the great outdoors.


Consequences of succes or failure

What if consequences of succes or failure are really felt personally in terms of discomfort, and fatique? What dynamics will play a role between participants when succes of failure of others will affect the entire team?

Business units in a forest

You will be divided into 4 specialist teams, each with a specific task. Knowing that you have to spend the night under primitive (but safe) conditions, everyone goes to work to supplement the basic needs offered by us with the pleasant things of life. If all goes well, your night around the campfire will a more pleasant one when you get to share your adventures of the day with your colleagues wit good foord and some nice drinks.

This is a tailormade program. After this 24-36 hours program, a supplementary stay in a luxurious estate can be arranged, in which you can schedule indoor training or a number of meetings in comfort. Price upon request.


No large groups, no long waiting lines, only authentic outdoor activities under expert guidance in the open nature, with respect of everybody's individual capacities and the natural surroundings.