Mountainbiking with GPS-navigation (half day)

Mountainbiking with GPS-navigation (half day)

24.75 per person

We supply you with a fine mountainbike, helmet and a handheld GPS navigation unit in which we have programmed a wide variety of mountainbiking tours.

Amount of people:


Mountainbiking in the Belgian Ardennes is a great way to explore the country and to experience nature. It goes without saying that it is quite a strenuous activity as well. Therefore, we’ ll pick one of the pre-programmed routes in our GPS-units that suits you best. We try to avoid asphalt and roads as much as possible, so you will really be cycling on small country and forest roads, dirt tracks and through mud.

We’ ll supply you with a good mountainbike, a helmet and a backpack with spare tubes, tools and a first aid kit. BE AWARE: mountainbiking in mountainuous terrain is not without risk. We give you proper instructions before you leave, but from that moment on it is up to you to stay safe. Do not forget to bring the right clothes. Minimum age 12 years


No large groups, no long waiting lines, only authentic outdoor activities under expert guidance in the open nature, with respect of everybody's individual capacities and the natural surroundings.