Outdoor Teambuilding

Teambuilding activities as part of your staff outing or company training program

Outdoor Teambuilding

45.00 per person

Our experienced outdoor trainers will put your team at work in a natural and exciting environment with all sorts of outdoor assignments as metaphores for personal and team development.

Amount of people:


Tailormade outdoor program

In advance, we would like to hear from you what specific topics you would like us to adress, during our teambuilding, such as working together, team roles, communication, trust, improvisational skills, getting to know ones colleagues better, etc. All assignments will be adapted to this. Off course these assignments all have an outdoor caracter.

Outdoor teambuilding in The Netherlands, Belgium and elsewhere

Outdoor training works best in a natural environment, such as ours in the Belgian Ardennes. Nevertheless, you do not allways have time to come to us, so we gladly come to you. All we need is a park, or some open, green space and we will make it work. This could be close to home, or further away throughout Europe such as in France or in Slovenia.

In cooperation with your own company trainer or coach

We are used to work together with your own trainer of coach, in case you are in an extended training or development program. We can help him or her with specific themes you are working on by translating these to outdoor metaphores

Outdoor training is one of the most effective methods for team and personal development because it works at three levels. First of all we humans feel instinctively ‘ at home’ and at ease in nature. Therefore, our minds literally open up for new experiences and learnings. Secondly, outdoortraining gives us an enormous amount of techniques that we can use as metaphores for everyday life and skills such as communication, working together, trust, getting to know new colleagues and oneself. But maybe the most powerfull level is the camaraderie we feel when the work is done and we come together around an open fire, sharing stories and a well deserved drink. This you will not find in any five star hotel lobby or -bar.



No large groups, no long waiting lines, only authentic outdoor activities under expert guidance in the open nature, with respect of everybody's individual capacities and the natural surroundings.