Crosscountry skiing in the Ardennes

Our instructors will show you the basic of this active form of wintersports

Crosscountry skiing in the Ardennes

34.95 per person

We will introduce you to this Scandinavian wintersport, that is so popular throughout the world.

Our instructors will help you on your way and together we will make a beautiful tour through forests and marshlands to places where you would not be able to go without these skinny, wobbly skis. At first, it might seem a bit scary, but you will master the basics soon enough.

Skis and skipas (if needed) are not inclusive.

Amount of people:


Crosscountry skiing in the Belgian Ardennes

Crosscountry skiing  is for everyone, because you can make beautiful tours at your own pace. No need for speed, unless you want to make it a physical challenge.

Proper technique

It is important to use the right techniques, when you fully want to enjoy the snowy landscape you are in. We can not make you an expert skier in one day, but we can for sure show you how to use the skis and poles in an efficient way. For your own safety we learn you how to stop in an orderly fashion, and even -if you might loose control a little-  how to fall without hurting yourself to much. Maybe only your ego….

Beautiful nature

Near the German border, in the far east of Belgium, you will find the national nature reserve Les Hautes Fagnes. Here, between 500 – 700 meters above sealevel, circumstances –if anywhere – are ideal voor wintersports. This is also one of the least populated areas of the country, because of its’ poor soil conditions, so you can ski or walk for days through forests, valleys and over the high moors without meeting to many people. You have to avoid a couple of crowded places where most people go skiing, but our instructors know exactly where to go.


If you do not have your own equipment, we can rent this locally for about €8,00. Sometimes you need to buy a skipass for about €2,00.


No large groups, no long waiting lines, only authentic outdoor activities under expert guidance in the open nature, with respect of everybody's individual capacities and the natural surroundings.