Staff outings

A staff outing, based on (outdoor) sports is a great way to thank your employees for their efforts in the bygone period, and a good motivational tool for times to come. Especially when combined with a stay in a nice holiday home or hotel, good catering and a festive night or party.
At the same time, it might encourage them to practice more sports and get or stay in shape.
Many of our company outings take place in the Belgian Ardennes, where we practice all sorts of sports and leisure activities like climbing, hiking, mountainbiking, rope courses, kayakking, archery and a variety of teambuilding games.
On the following pages you will find a selection of our possibilities. For a larger overview you can check HIER, or you can contact one of our outdoor specialists by telephone at 0031(0)162438000.

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  • One day full outdoor

    80.00 per person

    With this all-in package you know what you get in a glimpse. A full day of outdoor activities with catering, only 20 minutes south from Liège.

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  • Archery Tag

    29.00 per person

    This is so much fun! Just like paintball, but then in the old-fashioned way with bow-and-arrow. The arrows -of course- have soft rubber tips so they hurt even a lot less then paintball bullets.

    We play different games in a natural setting of our old quarry.

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  • Caving

    33.50 per person

    All dressed up in rugged overalls and wearing helmets with headlights we take you on an exciting underground tour.

    Be aware; this is no walk in the park, or just a simple tour in a touristic cave. From time to time you will need some suppleness to go through narrow passages.

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  • Kayaking in the Belgian Ardennes

    33.00 per person

    This might well be the most famous activity in Belgium! Our instructor will show you a wonderfull part of the Ourthe river, and teaches you the basics of white water kayaking.

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  • Mountainbiking with a guide

    29.95 per person

    Our guide will take you on a 2-3 hour mountainbike trip through  forests, over hills and along charming country roads. We try to avoid the asphalt as much as possible and instead we search for exciting downhills and challenging climbs on mostly dirt tracks. Prepare to get muddy!

    We provide a modern mountainbike with helmet and waterbottle. Duration, length and difficulty of the ride in consultation with you.

    Below you can book this activity online, from a minimum of 8 people. If you are looking for more activities or other services, please add to ‘my activities’ or contact us by telephone or email.


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  • Mountainbiking with GPS-navigation (half day)

    24.75 per person

    We supply you with a fine mountainbike, helmet and a handheld GPS navigation unit in which we have programmed a wide variety of mountainbiking tours.

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  • Outdoor hexathlon

    26.00 per person

    During our outdoor hexathlon, your team will be challenged with some shooting sports, brainteasers, outdoor skills and teambuilding games.Insight and teamspirit are as important as sportsmanship and endurance.


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  • Quad 4wd trial + off the road 8 km.

    109.50 per person

    At first, we will familiarize you with 4wd-techniques with our smaller 90 cc quads, within the save boundaries of our terrain. Then, in smaller groups, you will go on a 8-km. off-road tour in the surrounding fields and forests.

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  • Rock climbing and abseiling

    29.50 per person

    Have you ever wanted to learn how to rockclimb on real rocks ? Or do you want to refresh old memories and skills? We have our own old quarry, not far from Liege, with rocks up to 25 meters high and a wide variety of climbing routes, both for beginners and the more experienced.

    This is also a nice follow-up if you have some experience with indoor climbing.

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  • Rope course and 2 actvities at your choice

    33.50 per person

    Three activities; one hour each. You’ll start with some of our ropecourses, and then you can choose between abseiling, archery, mountainbiking, air rifle shooting or raft building.

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  • Rope course and via ferrata challenge

    29.50 per person

    During halve a day you will go on an exciting journey in our own forest and you will conquer  different high ropes, via ferratas and our zipline.

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  • Shooting triathlon

    26.50 per person

    In various settings we learn you the different techniques of archery, air rifle shooting and blow darting.

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